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AIRD, (R.). (1902-1986).
A one page typed letter, signed, from Ronald Aird to Ron Yeomans. On official M.C.C. headed notepaper. Dated 26th April, 1955.
'...I shall be delighted to sign your name in the Visitors Book so that you may come into the Pavilion...' Aird played for Hampshire between 1920 and 1938. He was President of M.C.C. in 1968-69.
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ALTHAM, (H.S.). (1888-1965).
An autograph postcard from H.S. Altham to John Arlott, initialled. Headed King's Mead, Winchester. Undated.
'...Thank you very much for The Playfair. Quite excellent on Hampshire...HSA.' Altham played for Surrey between 1908 and 1912, and for Hampshire between 1919 and 1923. He was a leading cricket historian.
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An official autograph sheet signed by fifteen members of the Australian team which toured England and Sri Lanka in 1981.
Signatures include: T.M. Alderman, A.R. Border, R.J. Bright, T.M. Chappell, J. Dyson, R.M. Hogg, G.F. Lawson, D.K. Lillee, R.W. Marsh, S.J. Rixon, D. Macd. Wellham, G.M. Wood, and G.N. Yallop. The only member of the team not to have signed is K.J. Hughes.
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A pencil signature.
Blythe (1879-1917) played for Kent between 1899 and 1914. He played 19 Test matches for England between 1901 and 1910. He was killed in action during the First World War.
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BRADMAN, (Don). (1908-2001).
"ARISE, SIR DONALD". Reproduction caricatures of Sir Donald Bradman by Arthur Mailey and Sam Wells on a sheet of paper.
SIGNED BY BRADMAN across the image. Bradman played 52 Test matches for Australia between 1928 and 1948. The most effective batsman in the history of the game, his career average (95.14) and Test average (99.94) have never remotely been challenged.
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BROMLEY-DAVENPORT, (H.R.). (1870-1954).
A piece of card signed and inscribed by Bromley-Davenport.
Size 14.5cms x 8cms.
'With all good luck and may The Cricketer's Club continue to flourish - "Keep your promise, Keep your temper, Keep your wicket up."...' Bromley-Davenport played for Middlesex between 1896 and 1898. He played four Test matches for England between 1896 and 1899.
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A pencil signature.
Buckenham (1876-1937) played for Essex between 1899 and 1914. He played four Test matches for England in 1910.
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CHAPPELL, (G.S.). (1948- ). (Australia).
A very interesting two page signed autograph letter from Greg Chappell to Roger, dated 21st August 1985. On headed notepaper.
"I consider myself fortunate to have played in so much Test cricket...of the really outstanding games...I would choose the 1972 Lord's Test dubbed "Massies Test"... where I played my best innings in Test cricket, 131 in the first innings. As for the best player I played with I would narrow it down to three players, Dennis Lillee, Rod Marsh and Ian Chappell".
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A one page typed letter, signed, from Denis Compton to Miss Susan Hester. On notepaper headed University College Hospital, W.C.1. Dated 14th November 1955.
Top corner laid down on card.
'...This is just to thank you and your family for your good wishes, which are very much appreciated...' Compton (1918-1997) played for Middlesex between 1936 and 1958. He played 78 Test matches for England between 1937 and 1957.
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A clear ink signature.
Cotter (1884-1917) played 21 Test matches for Australia between 1904 and 1912. He was killed in action during the First World War.
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Records - 1 to 10 of 82